Wrestling Is Too Much Fun
By Angela Johnson x Unedited x Breaking Atoms

Wrestling Is Too Much Fun (#WITMF) is all about the love of professional wrestling. Created by AJ Thee Visionary, WITMF is the VERY FIRST UK-based Wrestling podcast created by Black women. So you already know there will be lots of unique perspectives, laugh-out-loud humour, pop culture references and random banter. Every two weeks, AJ and Chidz will be running through all the latest news, reviews and interviews in a loud, funny, brash style – in the spirit of the Wrestling greats. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong fan who grew up watching Big Daddy on Saturday mornings, a new fan who loves the flashy moves of The Young Bucks, or just curious – this is where you’ll hear fun and hard-hitting Wrestling conversations. Remember! Wrestling is too much fun… to argue about!

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Executive Producer: Andrew Spence for Unedited
Producer: Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms
Sound Design: Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms
Assistant Producer: David Kurzer
Junior Assistant Producer: Aaliyah Akude