Trophy Cabinet

Awards, nominations & Accolades

Unedited Productions

Production Company of the Year, Audio, 2022 (Silver winner)

BBC 1Xtra's Throwback Party

Best Ensemble Cast, 2022 (Gold winner)

Coming In From The Cold

Best Sports Show, 2021 (Gold winner)

Best Factual Series, 2021 (Silver winner)

Best Audio, 2020 (Bronze winner)

Best Sports and Recreation Documentary, 2021 (Bronze winner)

Best Sports Podcast, 2021 (Nominee)

Podcast of the Year, 2021 (Nominee)

Nothing To Declare With Kojo & Teef 

Best Entertainment Podcast, 2018 (Nominee)

Black Magic Podcast

Podcast of the Year, 2018 (Gold winner)

Peter 2.0

Smartest Podcast, 2021 (Silver winner)

Best Documentary, 2021 (Nominee)

Best Limited Podcast Series, 2021 (Silver winner)

Audio Entertainment Category, 2020 (Nominee)

Sounds Of Black Britain

Best History Podcast, 2023 (Nominee)

1Xtra TALKS with Richie Brave

Best News & Current Affairs, 2023 (Nominee)

Best Sex & Relationships, 2023 (Nominee)

Island Girls Rock

Podcast of the Year, 2019 (Nominee)

It Was All A Dream... The Football Academy Journey

Best Audio/Radio Documentary, 2021 (Nominee)