1Xtra Trailblazers: Giggs
By BBC 1Xtra x BBC Sounds

Snoochie Shy explores the life and times of UK Rapper Giggs in a brand new series by 1Xtra called Trailblazers. 15 years on from the release of his legendary freestyle, Talking The Hardest, this 1-hour documentary details Giggs’ rise from the streets of Peckham to the mainstream. You’ll hear from Benny The Butcher, Mimi The Music Blogger, Kenny Allstar, Rapman¬†and more discussing how Giggs not only talked the hardest but walked the hardest path to success.

Available on BBC Sounds, LISTEN HERE.

Producer: Hamza Oomerjee
Assistant Producer: Christopher Mitchell
Executive Producer: Andrew Spence
Scriptwriter: Christopher Mitchell
Sound Design: Hamza Oomerjee
Mastering & Mastering: Andrew Spence